BuffyMUD Wiki

Feel free to cross off any of the listed requests if you've made a page concerning it!

Primer on the Buffy theme
Newbie introduction and guide
Class guides: Witches/Sorcerers; Fighters; Warriors; Watchers; Soldiers; Cultists; Slayers
Comprehensive skill lists: Martial Arts Styles; Weapon Skill; Weapon Assembly; Demon Buffs (Mortalities added)
Some pages that need work: Artifacts; Techniques; Jobs; Socials; General Magic; Aligned Magic

Class Skill Lists: Devil(Vampire); Watcher(Vampire); Slayer(Demon and Vampire); Fighter(Demon)

  • Many of the strength, speed, and vitality costs on these lists need corrected by +20 points to account for the starting 20 stats in each category.

Class Train Costs: VampWitch; Slayer(Demon); Fighter(Demon)

Guides: Many of the guides are a mess format wise. Most of them should eventually be integrated into their relevant pages.

Helpfiles: Many if not most helpfiles corresponding to skills, especially melee skills, have outdated and inaccurate requirements.

Sections that need consolidated: Rules and policy helpfiles(including summary of rulings in announcements or on forum); Communication helpfiles; Artifacts; Shop and house commands; Concept helpfiles

  • Sections on commands, events, jewelry/clothing adjustments, descriptions, nemesis events, and dungeons would be much appreciated as well.
  • Improving and correcting any of the old help files, especially the larger and more referenced ones is always helpful though eventually it will be ideal to phase them all out in favour of pages more suited to this format.
  • Many pages could use organizational and aesthetic improvement.
  • Many helpfiles can be consolidated instead of having information spread amoung several, paragraph length pages.
  • Basically all the categories could use descriptions or work on their descriptions