Other: timeskip

Timeskip is for RP purposes and to receive credit points for jobs and languages.

An explanation of Timeskip:

Night occurs from 6:00 pm to 5:00 am, at this time you can fight mobs and
vampires can roam the streets freely. However, at 5:00am the sun rises,
and daytime begins. No fighting can occur until 6:00pm (unless you want
to wind up in jail) and missions are not accessible either. Vampires
might want to stay underground or inside during this time or else
.He/She is horribly burnt. will appear in your description if you are out
in it and your health depletes, landing you in the demon spa. At 5:10 am
you will be teleported home, if you are human or half-demon this will
be to prepare for work or school. Vampires get the same treatment except
this is in order for them to hide from the sun.  At 5:15 am we jump to
12:00 pm, humans and half demons get teleported to either the cafeteria
at Bridgestone (if you are not enrolled, see help study) or to a place
of education (Sunnydale High School for anyone below 18 years old or
UC Sunnydale for anyone older than that) At 12:30 pm, the time skips
again to 5:45 pm and everyone is teleported home. Saturdays and Sundays
are different; you will not get teleported to the cafeteria or school
as on the weekends you will get time off. At 6:00 pm the sun goes down
and 'normality' resumes.


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