Name: Tyron Redflank
Nicknames: Ty
Origin: Fal'ion
Race: Ogre
Archetype: Big Dumb Bruiser
Affiliation: Shitkicker Coalition, the Ellis Sisters
Tyron Redflank was born the second son to the Redflank clan's, an group of Ogres, clan-father, or chief. However, he was picked to be the next in-line clan-father. Upaaglaogr, the firstborn, was driven mad with rage, and left the clan after a failed attempted murder on the clan-father. Upaaglaogr made an alliance with the Maleki Clan, and a bunch of others who's morals are slightly questionable. So, one day, Tyron was taking a trip through the woods of his home realm, Fal'ion. He tripped on a small tree and fell into a portal, which, bam, instant Sunnydale-ified him. 

Layout by Janisu.

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