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I've spent an inordinate amount of time playing Buffymud, mostly within the last two years, but also sporadically since beta. That's been spent mostly on Janisu who currently goes by Susan. I like to find bugs and suggest ways to improve the game as well as roleplay in emotionally charged scenes. I have no limits and generally consider myself to be fairly open minded, but do have turn offs and hang ups. I'm known for the fact I have an inordinate amount of triggers, a few of which I am very proud and a little disappointed that no one will ever see them as well as that I log practically all my time online.

I'm a huge proponent of this wiki project as might be apparent from the number of edits I've made and pages I've put up. I think that as time goes by, it'll be a great source of communal information for newbies and oldbies alike so that they might better understand what exactly is going on in game which will allow them to more accurately represent whatever fantastical concept their character is based on.

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Amatsuka is better than Akihiko and Troy but not quite as cool as Jasmina.

Contrary to popular belief, she never gave Troy a blowjob. Troy was never played by midgets.


She enjoys the company of women played by emo midgets and despite rumors to the contrary, she is secretly a pony.


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