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I've heard it all. Weird. Maniac. Cheater. Griefer. Pretentious. Sinking. Treading water. Leap of Leopards. The Exaltation of Larks. Geneberish (You try living 70 ageless years off of the blood of the species you once were and see if you don't turn esoteric). Rapist. Abuser.

Personally, Buffy MUD had the greatest potential of any RP game, let alone MUD, I've ever been on. It also was the most toxic RP environment I've ever been privy to. Considering my days in Korean games known for aggressive botting, the previous statement should not be taken lightly. Around 2007, I made the comment that Tyr was an authoritarian figure. By 2012, he is directing characters and RP with more coding than he ever did before. I can say without ego or any grudge for any hostile feelings from before that I completely stand by my previous assessment. With the constant encouraged abuse of new players that even I've been guilty of and a lack of conscience from a commander that has left splinters in more than one life, I wonder what the goals of such a person must actually be. I have dealt with qualified administration dealing with far more players on harder paths, yet asked so much less.

So, as concerns of me being "bitter and butthurt" come to light, I address those critiques head on. Perhaps I am bitter and hurt, depressed by how my time was spent and how the imaginable was squadered on building walls rather than building a community. The only last thing I know to do is turn my sights away from my perceived offenses and the offensive decretum by way of remission. I might see you. But you probably won't see me.

In the immortal words of Marshall Mathers aka Eminem, "To all the people I've offended -yeah, fuck you too! For everytime I reminisce - yo', I miss my past! But I still don't give a fuck, y'all can KISS MY ASS!" - "Still Don't Give A Fuck" by Eminem

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