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Viggs Mask.jpg
Name: Vi'gg'rrrl'ax
Pronounced: Vigkh-rull-axe
Nicknames: Vi'gg, Viggy
Origin: South-eastern United States
Race: Asphyxian
Archetype: Warrior(?)
Affiliation: SDP(?) Initiative(?)
      There are several conflicting reports of this creature on record. Several sightings have placed it on opposite coasts of both north America and parts of Brazil, it is unknown if these records have been falsified or if there were reported by inexperienced watcher team. The records which do not seem to conflict report the creature surfacing at the turn of the decade, 2010 in the south-eastern quarter of the United States of America.

    This creature's physical features do not seem to change significantly from year to year except for the spires on its shoulders which seem to grow longer or thicker every two years, in spurts not gradually. It is currently listed that this creature would be a mature specimen. Investigations to further study this creature and its species have been enacted, but the progress has been slow due to their reclusive nature.

Concept Bracket Calculation
Seasoned Demon (Base Level 40)

Defined Shadow Sorcery

(Modified to level 60)