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Giles, Buffy's Watcher

Watchers mentor slayers in everything from martial arts to demon identification to good etiquette at fancy meals. Most of them are british, which conveniently plays into everyone's existing stereotypes.

Watchers are good researchers, but they'll want to invest in some way to keep alive as well. A little dabbling in magic or sharpshooting is a common route, though watchers can become pretty good at just about any discipline.

Train costs at one hundred vitality:

Strength 229 Experience
Speed 197 Experience
Martial Arts 197 Experience
General Magic 34 Experience
Magic Endurance 34 Experience
Mental Magic 34 Experience
Aligned Magic 51 Experience
Researching 19 Experience
Weapon Assembly 42 Experience
Weapon Skill 34 Experience
Vitality 481 Experience

Skill List: