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Area: Announcements - Note #3340
From: Tyr
To: all
Subj: Werewolf fix and event code
Time: Fri May 29 07:35:15 2009

I've fixed the problem with werewolves condition after shifting, it should now change correctly
to 90 percent of their augmented health.

I've added a new functionality into events called observers. When you start to do logged RP for
an event thwart or inform etc you can add an observer by typing event observe <person> they can
be anywhere in the world and as long as they have observing on, done via event observe on/off,
they will see all the RP in the room as if they were there, additionally they will be able to
broadcast messages into the room via event broadcast 'message'.

Hopefully this will be able to facilitate some more interactive event thwart RPs, with the person
who runs the event being able to effectively Game Master the RP, using broadcast to RP the environment,
NPCs etc. There's small bonuses for people being observed and decent ones for observers who make
good use of broadcast, to the point it's quite possible to get more fame from your event being
thwarted than from it going through, assuming reasonably detailed and interactive thwart attempts that

Also I've made fame rewards for thwart attempts dependant on the number of people doing the RP, if
you're RPing alone you'll get about half what you used to, getting more for each additional person in
the group that's trying to thwart the event.

Obviously you should be able to stop events by yourself, and often might have to, but I'd like to see
it avoided if possible. Trying to stop an event by yourself just means, you're not having fun because

you're RPing by yourself, nobody else is having fun because they're not involved, and the person reading
the log isn't having fun because it's just five lines of someone RPing by themselves. I was hoping the
event log system would be used to create cool scooby gang like RPs, hopefully this change will help
encourage that to happen more.