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Area: Announcements - Note #3010
From: Tyr
To: all
Subj: Werewolves
Time: Tue Apr  7 06:24:02 2009

Ok so the other day I log on and am witness to one of our esteemed
werewolf players doing the following.  Shifting during a fight with a mob,
then as a werewolf shooting a gun.  Leaving and using tackle to avoid
attacking anything on the way back, then riding in a taxi, walking into the
demon bar, buying and consuming some food and drink, then going to rest
until they could shift back. 

This kind of bullshit ends here, the next time I see a werewolf acting like
anything other than a damn werewolf, I will at least remove their
lycanthropy.  If it keeps up I'll just remove all ability to affect your
character while in wolf form for everyone, I'm fine with people having
slightly creative interpretations of how they behave but come on people. 

Lycanthropic control imitates Oz's ability from the show, it doesn't make
you a man in a wolf's body, it gives you some ability to prevent yourself
from changing.  When you're a wolf, you are a mindless killing machine.
Lycanthropy is a horrible curse, not a way to twink your character.