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You should use events for self RP that can't really be done some other way, or self RP that's going to affect others later and they deserve the chance to head it off at the pass.

A good example of this would be, becoming the mayor of Sunnydale several people have kinda tried this, just to have everyone else pretty much go "Meh." If you did this as a series of events, running your campaign etc when you succeeded it'd have much more validity, because people would actually know about it, and because they'd have had a chance to stop you with thwarting etc.
The bigger the thing you want people to swallow the more you should be seen making an effort for it, and making it easy for people to stop you. Ultimately I think this also should end up being about other people, the Mayor position would be a great one to do events about fines and defamation and stuff from .
And if indeed what you're trying to do won't ever effect anybody else, they won't care about thwarting it so it's still pointless running it as an event or events.
I think all events should obviously be thwartable, the research info etc should fairly clearly indicate enough info to be stopped, or attempted to be stopped. Events such as "Bob is attaining his next level of power" Are silly because nobody can get involved or really stop them, also nobody would likely care. But it's much better to do things like "Bob's doing a ritual to get more power" Cause it can actually be interfered with.
For descs, I have a kind of theory that you really should put in enough info for it to be fairly obvious what people should do to get the advanced desc in the second or first one. Otherwise what's the point? Like I put in one of my research descs about a lot of suspicious activity between Gabe and Sunnydale hospital, so someone would have to investigate the hospital to get the third desc.
I think a good event should not be about the code first, but it should be more like you have an RP idea and then you find an event for it. You shouldn't be thinking like "I wanna sicken Bob, let me make up a desc for it." It should be more like "I wanna give bob a poisoned flower, a sicken event would probably be best for that"
Same rules about evil RP apply, a good event should actually be fun for the victims to RP out, even though it may be bad for their char.
I think the crucial point is what's mostly unique about events is that people can discover about them and try to stop them, so you should really use them for things people WANT to try to discover about and will probably WANT to try and stop.-- Lifted from a forum post by Gaebriel