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Species: Human

Date of Birth: September 5th, 1991

Occupations: Drug Dealer, Witch.

Associations: Shitkicker Coalition

Hobbies: Drinking, gambling, showing off


Born Yvette Ursulla Lindo, daughter of Thomas and May Lindo, Yvie had an average and unremarkable childhood until she was in a car accident when she was eight. The accident dealt extesive nerve damage to her left leg and wouldn't be able to walk on it again. She had her parents agree to have it amputated and fit with a prostetic in order to walk.

Even after rehabilitation her parents let her get away with everything, treating her like she was made of glass. As a teenager she got into the habit of trying riskier and more dangerous things, anything to prove to herself that she didn't need pity. This led to her learning about magic and the supernatural, after an incident with a local vampire and being treated afterwords by a local witch, when she was fourteen.

Having decided that she learned all she could about magic from that witch she left Scotland for America on her eighteenth birthday. For two years she travelled around, learning all she could from as many masters as possible until eventually settling in L.A. and joining a coven known as The Martyr's Soul. There she studied under the Crone and became a master in her own right.

However her success bred arrogance and she made a simple mistake during a summoning ritual. She got possessed as a result and was exorcised by another coven member a couple of minutes later. The whole process left her incredibly drained and weak. Disgusted by her current state she went to Hellmouth in Sunnydale to regain her lost power in a trial by fire.

Recent History[]

Since her arrival at the Hellmouth, Yvie's regained her power and then some, becoming one of the most powerful witches in the world. She gained a reputation for being aggressive and having an ego with it's own zipcode.

She married her best friend, a slayer named Kairi Mitchell and took her name.


Statistic Level Reason
Strength Average She doesn't really work out beyond enough to keep herself looking good.
Speed Average After living with a prostetic leg most of her life, it doesn't really slow her down anymore.
Martial Arts Average Her self defense training amounts to watching Kung Fu movies.
General Magic Advanced She has been studying magic for most of her life and knows the ins and outs of many different schools.
Mental Magic Advanced Although her guarded nature makes telepathy tricky for her, telekinesis has almost become second nature and often uses it to make up for her lack of physical ability.
Aligned Magic Advanced Having studied under the Crone for years, she's more than capable with white magic and tends to utilize it in less than good ways.
Magic Endurance Advanced Her main strength as a magic user comes from being able to keep going, using a combination of efficiency with her spells and having that much magic to work with.
Vitality Above Average Despite being physically unimpressive, she's developed a high tolerance for pain and fatigue but even so her body can only take so much.